Abornazine Best Tracker Knife with Durable Leather Sheath


Over All Size:       9 inches
Blade Size:            5 inches
Handle Size:         4 inches
Steel:                      Damascus
Pattern:                  Twist
Blade Material:      Damascus
Handle Material:    Olive Wood
Three steel pin

Abornazine Best Tracker Knife for Sale with Durable Leather Sheath.

Including a beautiful Dollar Wood handle, A four finger handle offers excellent gripping ability antique make for a very handsome extremely functional knife. Fixed blade hunting knives offer brass finger Grooves and pins, brass lined lanyard holes and large. The knife makes great steel for heavy duty choppers and survival knives because of its extreme durability and resistance to chipping, easy sharpening. Because it is a high Damascus steel. This knife is custom designed by hand-forged. This blade works for hunting and fishing. The front edge can be used as an axe or a skinner. The handle fits any hand. Best Tracker Knife is a survival expert and a tracking instructor.
Blade Has Been Given An Excellent Heat Treatment To Get It Hardened. Our Knives Are Very Sharp, So Open And Use Them Very Carefully.

 Abornazine Stainless Steel Tracker Knife with Durable Leather Sheath


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