Co2 Airsoft Guns


CO2 airsoft guns are the ones which operate on CO2 gas. They use the energy and pressure of the gas to drive the bullets through the barrel and off from the gun. In simple words, the bullets are fired when they gain momentum from the gas. So, unlike electric powered and spring powered airsoft guns, the driving force of the gas powered airsoft guns is a gas which can either be green gas, red gas(CO2) or black gas. CO2 airsoft guns are also available as gas blowback and non blowback and have semi automatic and automatic variations as well. The blowback and automatic action give the gun a realistic touch by giving it a recoil and the ability to shoot multiple BBs at one trigger pull.
Multi Featured CO2 Airsoft Guns for Sale
Wholesale Blades offers a huge variety of the best and very impressive CO2 airsoft guns. Our gas powered airsoft guns are the best ones and feature the designs of their real counterparts very finely. Whether you want a gas blowback or a non-blowback, our CO2 airsoft guns come in both of these variations. The variety is simply endless and the amazing features will make you want to grab almost all of them. They have exceptional exterior, sometimes constructed if plastic and sometimes of metal. And don’t forget to grab the gas cartridges while purchasing your CO2 airsoft gun from us. So, browse our collection of the best CO2 airsoft guns for sale and have your pick now at very affordable rates.


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