Heavy Duty Champaign Buckle & Paperweight


Overall Length: 4.35 Inches
Finger Hole Size: 1.45 Inches
Construction: Aluminum, Electroplated
Thickness: 0.5725 Inches
Colors: Copper & Black


1S2-PK2289V – Cast metal construction. Finger Hole Width: 1 inch. Finger Hole Length: 1 1/8 inch. Total Width Of Belt Buckle: 4 1/2 inch. Total Length Of Belt Buckle: 2 5/8 inch. Thickness: 1/2 inch. Heavy duty solid aluminum is casted into a belt buckle shaped exactly like a knuckle duster. To wear it, attach the aluminum unit to your belt, then install the pin and push it through a belt loop hole. Makes a great conversation piece, paperweight, training device, and made of heavy, indestructible cast aluminum. Fits adult sizes.


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