Knight Double Blade Carbon Steel 41.5″ Hatchet


41.5″ Overall Length,
26.5″ Carbon Steel Handle,
15” Blade Length,
Includes Scabbard.

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Knight Double Blade Carbon Steel 41.5″ Hatchet. The hatchet is a beautifully crafted artistic & weapon. It is designed keeping in mind the specs of the original hatchet. The hatchet has a blade, Beautifully constructed from Carbon Steel and Dual Tempered for both cutting and thrust combat, and is double-edged. Exceptionally designed this hatchet to deliver both cut and thrust, it is very well balanced, light, and responsive. The handle of the hatchet is guaranteed to provide you with the best possible grip as it is made up of high-quality wood. The weight of the hatchet is of much importance when one has to take it on long journeys. The hatchet is lightweight and you can carry it easily anywhere you want to. Other information about the hatchet is detailed below. The hatchet is only one of our best-selling hatchet, Based on originals.
Product Features:

• hatchet has an overall length of 41.5 inches.

• The blade is 15 inches long and is made of quality Carbon steel.

• The handle is 26.5 inches & Include saya

The hatchet thoroughly serves the purpose of a showpiece because of its perfect size and shape.

The weight of the hatchet makes it even more feasible to be hung on walls.

Our hatchet store offers a wide variety of replica hatchet which can be obtained at an affordable price.


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