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Blow Gun – Ancient Projectile Weapon

Blow guns have been the most widely used weapon among people living in tribes. But what is a blow gun actually? Have you ever heard of it? A blow gun looks like a trumpet and is actually a long narrow tube that shoots projectiles such as darts. The mechanism is simple and old, you place the projectile inside the tube and blow the tube from one end to force the dart to propel from the other end. So, basically a blow gun is actually a ranged weapon, but it functions only at small range. The harder you blow, the longer range your dart will cover. In ancient times, blow guns were used by native people living in tribes as weapons and tools for hunting as well. They worked quite well for hunting at small scale and could easily take down a bird. But what is their use in today’s world? You can have them for yourself and have some backyard fun or you can keep them in your collection of ancient weaponry and display these simply yet anciently designed blow gun in your homes.

Most Effective Blow Guns for Sale

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Wholesale Blades – Best Distributor of Blow Guns

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