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Top 5 Self Defense Knives In 2021

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When it comes to self-defense, you need to always look for something that works best for you. Despite all the different things that are coming about, knives are pretty much the most basic choice. They are the epitome of safety and quick action and are always evolving into smarter weapons. Here we are now, looking at some of the best knives you can get and the top 5 that will work best in self-defense.

Good Pocket Knives For Self-Defense

Usually, when you think about protecting yourself from danger, you don’t picture a kitchen knife. The best alternatives are pocket knives that are made specifically for public use. Pocket knives are nifty and convenient to carry and they don’t draw focus towards you. They are also much easier to carry and handle as opposed to bigger knives so you can stay in control.

If you need self-defense knives that can be easy to manage, the Tac Force 3.8 Inch Push Dagger Neck Knife Black is the one to get. It is a small sharp knife known as a push dagger, which is a thin blade you can use for stabbing. It is made wider from the bottom so you can grip it well and the blade is small so it can lodge into the body fully.

Another variation of a small knife that can work well for safety is the Mtech Knife USA Flag Fixed Blade Boot Knife Neck Knife. It has a small hole for you to hold the knife with your finger and a sharp arrow-shaped blade. It is meant for stabbing and slashing without having to brandish your weapon or have it taken away. The smaller the knife, the less chance of someone taking it away from you or turning it on yourself. It is called a neck knife because it can be worn around your neck like a necklace and used when you feel the need.


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